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Male technician with screwdriver repairing refrigerator in kitchen

Offering Reliable Refrigerator Repair Services

Is your refrigerator making weird noises? Does your refrigerator/freezer always betray you on party nights? If your answer to these questions is a yes, it is time to call a professional for a refrigerator repair. A complete breakdown of your refrigerator can be very expensive in addition to wasted food.


At Darryl’s Appliance Repair, we can help you save money by fixing your refrigerator quickly. Our affordable and efficient appliance repair services are designed to eliminate any disruptions in your routine. You can stay stress-free knowing that a reliable and experienced repair technician is just a phone call away. We offer our services in Peachland, West Kelowna, Kelowna and Lake Country.

Know When to Call the Professionals


Proper care and regular maintenance are essential to extend the life of your refrigerator. But, like all other machines, technical faults are inevitable. Here are some common problems to check for before calling an appliance repair technician.

The fridge is not working at all

The first thing you should do is check your power supply. Newer fridges can be pushed back almost to the wall, but if you push it too close, the pressure might cause the plug to bend and disconnect. Check your breaker as well, and if the power supply is working properly, then you know the problem is the refrigeration unit. ​

Ideal Temperature

Your refrigerator should be set between 2.8 °C (37 °F.) and 4.4 °C (39 °F.) Keep a thermometer in a glass of water and place it on the refrigerator's middle shelf. Let the glass be there for about 8 hours, during which you should continue adjusting the temperature, bringing it to the desired temperature slowly.


If you are unable to identify the cause, call Darryl’s Appliance Repair. In both issues, we will inspect your refrigerator’s thermostat sensor, compressor, condenser, wiring or fan motor for defective parts to evaluate what the actual problem is and how it can be solved right away.

Repairman with modern toolbox with equipment is repairing of refrigerator on the kitchen

Get Your Refrigerator Fixed

Trust our licensed technicians for quick and efficient refrigerator repair services.

Service Repair Pricing

One-time service fee: ​

  • Electric appliance: $95.00

  • Gas appliance: $120.00

  • See Pricing Page for details

Plus, $1.33 per minute while on-site for diagnostics and repair.


Yes, we charge by the minute, as nothing takes that long to fix.


*If we have to order a part and come back, you don't pay the service fee again.

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