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Washer Repair

In a single week the average family of six can wash as many as eight loads of laundry so when you need a washer repair service for Kelowna, West Kelowna and Peachland, you can rely on Darryl's Appliance Repair service

When your washing machine starts to leak, make strange noises, fails to spin properly, won’t drain, doesn’t fill properly or stops working altogether, you will soon be buried under piles of dirty laundry if you don’t find a washer repairman fast.

Darryl's Appliance Repair understands the pains one can have when a washing machine won’t work or having problems. Washers too like dryers are involved in continuous use and are subject to wear and tear. Different types, sizes and fabrics of clothes often interfere with regular functioning of the washers and as a result they are susceptible to damage.

Washers can be a headache if they give unusual problems like water leaking or filling of water by itself draining, spinning, rinsing, starting or making noise etc. As a result, timely action is very important. It is advised that as soon as any problem is visible, contact us so that quick remedial action can be taken. 

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